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The Measuring Innovation Software evaluates people's innovativeness. Innovation is measured on various scales, cross sectionally or longitudinally, and a management console analyses the results.


Enables businesses to successfully exploit new ideas.

Provides the essential keys to unlocking competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging business environment.

Designed for HR professionals who want to make their organisations more innovative.

Learn which organisational and management structures and practices best lead to innovative capability. 


There are 10 questionnaires designed for self-assessment. They can be used for a comprehensive and integrated view, or one theme can be assessed at a time.

  • managing creative and innovative people
  • developing people’s innovative capability
  • developing a culture of innovation
  • applying performance management to innovation
  • using competency approaches with innovation
  • taking advantage of creative ideas
  • understanding forces that stifle innovation
  • responding to workplace trends affecting innovation
  • exploiting the many sources of innovation
  • measuring innovation at a strategic level

To learn how your company can develop its approach to innovation in all these areas and improve its innovative capability, click Here for More Information


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