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Corporate Climate Questionnaires are used to measure the perceived 'atmosphere' within an organization. Staff and managers report back by means of this survey on their perception of the state of the organization. All this provides key information for managers aiming to improve the way things are done within the world of work.

Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London (UCL) is a leading occupational psychologist with an international reputation.

His Corporate Climate Questionnaire:

  • was first published in 1991.
  • is psychometrically designed and validated
  • has excellent internal reliability
  • contains 108 items measuring 14 scales
  • measures both performance and importance on each item
  • has already established a wide following

Use the questionnaire in research, consultancy and field-work.

You will not find a more respectable questionnaire to measure corporate climate at a price that is within reach of even an ordinary student project budget!

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