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Love Is Not Like A Cake

Love is such a big word filled with profound meaning. Some say, without love we would not be able to survive. Poems, stories and songs are written about it, not to mention how movies of almost every genre are sprinkled with the flavor of love to spruce up the story. In other words, there is no way we can avoid love—we are bound to encounter at least one of its many forms. If we do not currently have it, then many of us long for it. It is perhaps the most powerful emotion of all!

Another thing about love is that it is not a limited resource. It is not like a cake which can only be shared out amongst a certain select group of people. Love can be shared with everyone and anyone! Think how the idea of love could be used to as a contrast to money or other resources!  Love represents an ideal vitalizing emotion to transform people and culture to encourage learning and innovation in the workplace, or represents a new way of understanding a client.

Often times however, we naively think of love like a Hollywood movie; the Barbie and Ken relationship—the perfect couple with no flaws or difficulties to deal with. Some of us are hopeless romantics and find it easy to indulge in what others call an illusion, whilst a more realistic group of people have a more down-to-earth view on love.

Dr. David Knox, a renowned Professor of Sociology at East Carolina University, created the Love Attitudes Questionnaire that can help determine what category you, your employees, people in your care, or students fall into. It can be purchased through Cymeon.com.

Even though we use the heart as a symbol for love, an interesting fact about this energizing sensation is that it actually is an emotion originating in the brain. It is not until the brain sends out a specific signal, that the heart starts to thump faster and our body responds to this powerful emotion.

 Cymeon is proud to present the LAQ, which provides a research and evidence based analysis of the complex emotion called Love. The pack includes a manual, the questionnaire, scoring and norms, which will help you gauge a person’s stance on love.  Love is transformational and could be the powerful force for change that you are seeking.  For more information contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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