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Professor Adrian Furnhan's Organisational Climate Questionnaire measures the climate and culture of an organisation. This excellent product is available for use across the internet or as a paper based product. Contact us to use the internet product on your intranet.

Only some organisational climates lead to competitive advantage and success whereas many result in failure. One very important step for an organisation to achieve success is to create a climate which matches the people's values. The Organisational Climate Questionnaire provides clear and accurate information about people's attitudes and opinions towards the organisation as well what improvements can be made to achieve greater success. Southwest Airlines and SAS are two successful organisations which have listened to the needs of their employees and created family friendly work environments. 

Purpose of the Organisational Climate Questionnaire:

To measure the perceived 'atmosphere' within an organisation. This survey is used by Staff and managers to report their perception of the state of the organisation. Key information is provided to managers so they can improve the way things are done.

Advantages of the Organisational Climate Questionnaire:

  • Resources can be better allocatied to benefit the people which will create success for the organisation.
  • Encourgaes the upwards flow of information which results in greater motivation and success among the people. 
  • Managers can compute their own norms as well as use others for benchmark. The organisations' climate progress can be monitored and resources can be allocated wisely and effectively.

Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London (UCL) is a leading occupational psychologist with an international reputation. 

Further Information on Professor Adrian Furnham's Corporate Climate Questionnaire:

  • was first published in 1991
  • is psychometrically designed and validated
  • has excellent internal reliability
  • contains 108 items measuring 14 scales
  • measures both performance and importance on each item
  • has already established a wide following

Uses of the Organisational Climate Questionniare:


consultancy and fieldwork

Availability of the Organisational Climate Questionnaire:

available as software or paper based.

  • Email us for a trial or further explanation
  • The software:
    • is online and easy to administer
    • provides automated scoring
    • optionally provides a report for test takers on what their climate means for them
    • enables computation of norms
    • provides comparison of norms with data
    • prevents administrators from identifying personal results
    • provides a report to identify how limited resources can be used to maximise success and align work processes to success..
    • optionally allows you to email respondents with an invitation to complete. Each person can be issued with personal usernames and passwords and determine if they have completed (whilst absolutely maintaining the anonymity of the data submitted).
  • The paper based assessments:
    • are useful for mass administration
    • are ideal to measure perceptions from people who are suspicious of their responses being tracked online
  • Accompanying the software or the paper based assessments is:
    • Corporate Climate Manual by Professor Adrian Furnham. ISBN 1 898589 04 6.
    • 46 pages.
  • We provide expert support and assistance by knowledgeable and capable staff.  
  • Email us for a demonstration account today. Only organisation's email addresses please.

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