Occupational Attributional Styles Questionnaire

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Professor Adrian Furnham's Occupational Attributional Styles Questionnaire can be used to measure how people attribute success and failure at work. Attributional styles have been shown to be predictive of successful and unsuccessful work performance.

Purpose of Occupational Attributional Styles Questionnaire:

  • The way people decide the cause of their own actions has been shown to be fundamental to their success or failure at work. Optimists attribute their success to themselves whereas pessimists tend to attribute their failures to themselves. A measurement of attributional styles predicts organisational success and can therefore be used in selection and appraisal exercises.

About the Author: 

  • Professor Adrian Furnham of University College London (UCL) is a leading occupational and organisational psychologist with an international reputation. His Occupational Attributional Style Questionnaire (OASQ):
    • is ideal for assessing attributions in the work-place
    • was first published in 1992.
    • is psychometrically designed and validated with excellent internal reliability 
    • has been tested internationally
    • follows a well-known method of assessing attributional style

Uses of Occupational Attributional Styles Questionniare:

  •  research, consultancy and field-work.

Availability of Occupational Attributional Styles Questionnaire:

  •  available as software or paper based.
  • The software:
    • is online and easy to administer
    • provides automated scoring
    • optionally provides test takers with report about their attributional style
    • enables computation of norms
    • comparison of norms with data
    • enables you to determine if respondent has completed questionnaire.  
    • optionally allows you to email respondents with an invitation to complete.
  • The paper based assessments:
    • are useful for mass administration
    • are ideal to measure perceptions from people who are suspicious of their responses being tracked online
  • Accompanying the software or the paper based assessments is:
    • Occupational Attributional Styles Manual by Professor Adrian Furnham.
    • ISBN 1 898589 06 2
    • 37 pages.
    • Available as pdf for personal use or as a printed manual

Expert Support:

  • Professional and expert assistance is provided by knowledgeable and capable staff.
  • A respectable questionnaires to measure attributional style in the work place.
    • Our approach is to measure attributions with specific workplace situations.
    • We provide administrator links so you will be learning what motivates your people and leads to their success.
    • You can compute and use your own norms as well as benchmark using others.
    • You can view reports on your people's attributional styles
    • You can create ideal profiles and rank people in distance from the ideal
    • Email us for a trial or further explanation.
  • Email us for a demonstration account. Only organisational email addresses please.

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