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The Social Interaction Software is an effective and clever software package that helps busy people tailor their presentation techniques by taking into account their personality strengths and the needs of the people that they are interacting with. It provides advice on how to best appeal to different types of people. Although it has many wider applications, it is particularly useful as a training or practical aid for sales people. 

Typical uses:

  • Sales - salesperson to impress/connect with clients/colleagues 
  • Law - Barristers/lawyers to impress/connect with Judges/clients/colleagues
  • Personal - couples/friends/families to impress/connect with each other

The Social Interaction Software:

  • provides tailored advice about how to appeal to peoples' needs 
  • enables you to sell your product, ideas and yourself with confidence
  • is an excellent training technique that easily slots into training programmes
  • is an essential resource for sales staff 
  • is easy to follow and offers direct advice
  • is fun and quick to complete
  • is quick and fun to complete
  • does the work for you
  • enables you to take into account your strengths and your clients needs
  • shows you how to communicate more effectively and avoid conflict with your clients

Other Features:

  • The Social Interaction Software is designed to help sales people identify the optimal sales style. Only by tailoring his or her style to individual clients can sellers be sure to make an impressive presentation. By means of a simple classification system the sales person and the client are classified into one of four types as shown above.
  • The software produces a game-plan of the optimal selling technique of the sales person to the client. A report is produced that lists the key elements of a successful presentation to a particular sales-person.
  • The Software is used to train staff in the need to have different selling styles and by staff to plan a sales meeting with an important client.

Typical uses of the Social Interaction Software

  • Training new sales people to understand how and why different presentation styles are essential:
    • To help sales people in the field analyse their presentation style/technique in relation to specific clients
    • As a module on sales training courses
    • For self-development in open learning centres
    • To provide advice to inexperienced sales staff before a meeting
    • To help understand difficult and demanding clients
    • Sharing knowledge about clients

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The questionnaire and software of the Social Interaction Software are copyright by Cymeon 1998.


Access the Social Interaction Software demo here

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