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Starting the Social Interaction Software

If you are a registered user of the software please be sure to use your password.
Complete the personal details section. For demo mode, do not use your real personal details.
Choose to answer the questionnaire in UK English or US English by pressing the appropriate button.
You will be asked to answer each of the 28 questions about your perception of yourself and a third party that you are interested in getting to know better. It will take just a few minutes only.
Once completed, choose either a single person or a combination of people and review the reports and graphs that are compiled for you
Mostly, you are likely to be interested in the social interact ion gameplan report (i.e. the report of how a particular person can best impress a particular third party)
For a full understanding of the Social Interaction Software, read the Social Interaction Manual. This can be obtained by contacting Cymeon.

To enter the software, please tell us:

Your Name:
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For demo mode do not use your real contact details
Your password: (for a demonstration
use 'demo' as your password)


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