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At Cymeon Research we design, tailor and market a range of psychological questionnaires suitable for intranets, the internet and stand alone PCs. Our assessment tools are expertly designed to match latest theoretical ideas with good measurement.  Our assessment tools can be used in different contexts such as business, therapy, schools or within the community.

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Latest Products

  • MaverickQuestionnaire35 MaverickQuestionnaire35
    Professor Chris J Jackson's Maverick Questionnaire is used to select, train and develop high performing workplace mavericks. Such people create success through their individualism. They can be disruptive, can be more successful than teams and can be...
  • work-values-629x778px work-values-629x778px
    Professor Adrian Furnham's Work Values Questionnaire (WVQ) can be used to measure job satisfaction in the workplace. This provides a directly useful index of how satisfied people are and can consequently predict engagement, commitment and turnover....
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  • love-attitudes-629x778px love-attitudes-629x778px
    Dr David Knox's Love Attitudes is the most widely used measure of love attitudes.

Top ten Products

  • wilson-sex-629x778px wilson-sex-629x778px
    Dr Glenn Wilson's Sex Fantasy Questionnaire (SFQ) is designed to measure peoples' sexual fantasies.
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  • interest-in-money-629x778 interest-in-money-629x778
    Professor Adrian Furnham's Interest In Money Questionnaire can be used to measure interest in money. It also provides a multi-dimensional evaluation.
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  • occupational-attributional-styles-629x778px occupational-attributional-styles-629x778px
    Professor Adrian Furnham's Occupational Attributional Styles Questionnaire can be used to measure how people attribute success and failure at work. Attributional styles have been shown to be predictive of successful and unsuccessful work performance.
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