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  • You are using or purchasing products or materials supplied by Cymeon Pty Ltd.
  • Use of Cymeon Pty Ltd products or purchase of products signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Users and Purchasers must not use Cymeon Pty Ltd products or materials if these terms and conditions are not accepted. If a Purchaser or User does not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use this website or Cymeon Pty Ltd material.


  • All Demonstration Users, Contacts and Purchasers who evaluate Cymeon Pty Ltd products and material may be automatically added to our marketing list and so may be contacted from time to time. Such people have the opportunity to unsubscribe and are strongly advised to do so if they do not wish to receive further information. Users of products will not be added to the mailing list.
  • Contact information about Users will not be knowledgeably divulged to any outside party or organization, except details of the User may be passed on to the User's Purchasing Organization (which generally reserves the right to review all User Information).
  • Information concerning the User will be used for production of results and / or for anonymous statistical analysis. Results will not be knowlegeably divulged to any third party, except that scores may be provided to the User's Purchasing Organization (which generally reserves the right to review all User information) and, in the case of some products, results of demonstration users may be visible to other demonstration users.


  • Cymeon Pty Ltd, Authors and Distributors accept no liability for the accuracy, correctness, relevance or legality of Cymeon Pty Ltd products, or for decisions resulting from use of Cymeon Pty Ltd products. Cymeon Pty Ltd products are used or purchased on an 'as is where is' and Cymeon Pty Ltd accepts no liability for any use or misuse of Cymeon Pty Ltd products and materials.Cymeon Pty Ltd accepts absolutely no liability for installation, use or de-installation of Cymeon Pty Ltd software. Use is at the User's or Purchaser's own risk and Cymeon Pty Ltd will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any kind of loss whilst using or misusing Cymeon Pty Ltd software.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd does not warrant that any particular product is suitable for a particular purpose, and it is the responsibility of the product Purchaser to ensure that the product is suitable for the use that it is put to.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd strongly advises that all decisions made as a result of using Cymeon Pty Ltd products are made in conjunction with experts and other sources of information.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd provides products on the basis that the Purchaser follows local best practice guidelines and that standard and accepted procedures are followed. Cymeon Pty Ltd provides material on the basis that it is used for the positive development of individuals and that people involved in the process  will be ethically treated.
  • It is a condition of use that all Purchasers of Cymeon Pty Ltd products follow legal requirements in the use of these products, and Cymeon Pty Ltd accepts no liability should these requirements not be met.
  • Purchasers should understand the manuals describing our material and may need to receive training in use of tests. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that all administrators of the products are properly qualified and trained.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd accepts absolutely no liability of any kind for demonstration use.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd reserves all rights not expressly granted here.
  • Demonstration Users, Users, Contacts and Purchasers shall indemnify Cymeon Pty Ltd from and against all actions, costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis), claims, proceedings and demands that Cymeon Pty Ltd may suffer or incur as a result of the misuse of Cymeon Pty Ltd's Products or materials or the breach of these terms and conditions.
  • The maximum liability of Cymeon Pty Ltd shall not exceed the cost of the purchase of the Cymeon Pty Ltd material.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd reserve the right to decline any order.


  • Email technical support will be provided to all Users and Purchasers at the discretion of Cymeon Pty Ltd's management.


  • If Cymeon Pty Ltd lose the right to market a product, Cymeon Pty Ltd reserves the right to provide Purchasers with an alternative Product within a reasonable time-frame at the discretion of Cymeon Pty Ltd's management.
  • Cymeon Pty Ltd reserves right to withdraw access to any Product at any time for any reason.
  • As with all electronic systems, occasional maintenance or improvement may be required. This may cause disruption to service and may happen without notice. Cymeon Pty Ltd can accept no liability for results of such disruptions.


  • Payment from Purchasers with accounts must be made within 28 days. Payment in advance for Products is required from all other Purchasers.
  • Service may be suspended for overdue accounts.
  • Interest shall be charged on a daily basis at the rate of 15% per annum for late payment of accounts.


  • Terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time with no notice, and it is the responsibility of Users and Purchasers to ensure that they comply with current terms and conditions.