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Why you should develop a positive organizational climate



Organizational climate is the perception of culture. As people react to their perceptions as opposed to reality, it is more powerful than culture whilst also more easily measured and improved. There are many important benefits to developing a positive organizational climate within your company or business, which will improve your competitive advantage. Typically, employees who work within a positive work environment are more engaged, committed, loyal and productive in their work. A positive climate also improves the overall level of communication within the business and leads to more innovation and agility. Reflect on your current organizational climate and ask yourself if this is a climate that you have or would like to have.


A healthy organizational climate is an investment, and like anything worth doing it is worth doing well and with intention. Effective climates go way beyond slogans, branding and vision statements. They are developed and sustained through the values and behaviors that are modeled by the managers of a company or business. Many other factors are also crucial to get right. If you are considering addressing the organizational climate within your place of business, there are products available that can help guide you along the way. Whether you simply consult literature on the topic, or take the more in depth approach with programs such as Cymeon’s Organizational Climate Assessment Tool,  any steps you take to improve climate and values of your business are a good investment for its future.


Your long-term customers will notice the tangible effects a positive organizational climate. The sense of caring about the company and the nature of its work carries over from employees and translates into a sense of ownership which clientele will appreciate. This is appealing to those customers who do a significant amount of business, as there are often alternative suppliers who do not offer this level of service.


With a positive and supportive climate,  employees are more willing to provide feedback and participate in quality improvement. People feel a sense of ownership and loyalty to such organizations, and therefore feel responsible for the products and services that are provided. The increased communication of a positive climate addresses issues that may have otherwise be swept under the carpet, and even identify new issues that will improve competitive advantage.


Organizations that have a positive and supportive organizational climate are less likely to have high rates of employee turnover. One of the most expensive aspects of maintaining a workforce can be the rate of employee turnover when the climate is poor. The process of searching for and hiring new employees is expensive, as well as the time and resources it takes to train new staff.



If you are looking to develop a positive climate and make changes to move your business in the right direction, have a look at Cymeon’s Organizational Climate Assessment Tool.  The information available through this software (or paper based assessments) will highlight issues that will guide you towards the outcomes you desire. We can also assist with all aspects of the work as needed so that you will not be left alone as you work to improve your organization’s climate.



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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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