EPP used in personal development programme

Michele Lawty-Jones

Occupational Psychologist
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The Eysenck Personality Profiler (EPP) has proved to be a valuable tool in our range of psychometric instruments. Whilst we have found the measure to be useful in recruitment. The greatest success was in the area of management development.

We used the measure to promote the idea of life long learning within the workplace. The EPP was given to the management team as the first step of a development programme. Individual one-to-one interviews were then conducted. The EPP was found to be extremely accurate - not a result of the Barnum effect as the EPP does not just provide positive results! The interviews resulted in the development of individual Action Plans involving the recommendation of various training courses including Assertiveness, Motivation and Stress Management. These recommendations were taken forward by the Managing Director.

In addition the Managing Director, with permission from the management team, was given feedback from all the members. A list of key-points was devised to be kept in his top drawer concerning how he was motivated by a pat on the back; how they coped with stress; who required independence within their work etc. The list acted as a reminder of how each individual worked and how to keep that individual motivated and satisfied within their position.

Results were also compared to the results of a Climate Survey conducted at the departmental level. The measurements provide an indication of the effectiveness of the individual management styles as assessed by the EPP. These results fed in to the Action Plans of the individual managers to enable improvement in relations across the company.

Overall the results of the EPP were found to be extremely useful by the companies involved and the individuals tested.

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